Your website is your public image.

Tired of waiting on your IT staff to make an update to your site?
Tired of wishing you HAD an IT staff?

In today’s competitive online market, it’s vital to keep your website fresh and your content up-to-date.

Trusted support from experienced pros.

Every successful online presence must continually evolve to address customer needs. Responding quickly when you discover areas to improve is key to maximizing your site’s value.

Having an on-call team of developers lets you respond quickly. We confirm receipt of your requests and begin working on your updates within hours – not days!

  • Responsive – we are just an email or a phone call away. Most requests are handled in 2 business days or less.
  • Experienced – we are developers with years of experience, able to meet even complex and unique maintenance needs.
  • Easy to work with – we truly enjoy what we do and we know your site is important to you and your business.

Website maintenance traffic cones

Digital Flurry is your virtual web department.

Setup a maintenance plan with us and rest easy. When you need updates or improvements, you’ll get priority service and some of the fastest response times in the industry. Plans are customized to your needs so your web presence gets the support it deserves.

Did you know…?

Regularly updated sites rank better on Google.

Google assigns your site a “freshness” score based several factors:

Age of content

Freshness is partially determined by how new the content is and the score degrades over time as the content ages.

Small vs. substantial updates

Major updates to a document have a higher impact on freshness than less substantial updates.

Frequency of updates

Regular updates have a significant impact on rankings. If you make updates once a year, consider making more frequent updates, on a regular schedule.

New page creation

Websites that add new pages more often may score higher on the freshness scale. It’s good practice to add 20-30% new pages to your site every year.